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Name: PTFE sponge compound fabric TPU sponge compound fabric
Ingredient: 100% polyester /100% nylon knitted fabric
Width: 56/58 INCH
Color: dark ash / Black / Pink / pure white
Finishing process: P/D + W/R + PTFE/TPU
Packaging requirements: roll plastic packaging
PTFE sponge compound fabric TPU sponge compound fabric function and use:
This fabric has high wind resistance, high waterproof, moisture permeability, heat preservation, aging resistance, anti freezing and abrasion resistance. And many other functions to keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time.
It is mainly used in charge clothing, ski suit clothing, outdoor leisure clothing, jacket, sports leisure clothing industry, medical and health materials industry, skiing clothing fabric, mountaineering clothing fabric, cold suit fabric, clothing fabric, high-grade outdoor clothing, sporting goods, clothing, medical field and other industries. Applications: raincoats, rainwear, protective clothing, bags, tents, leisure products, medical life-saving supplies.
Double knitted fabric TPU composite shakes fabric is a kind of high-grade functional fabric, which has the functions of wind protection, abrasion resistance, high water proof, high moisture permeable and anti acid alkali. Especially, the TPU composite shakes fabric with waterproof and permeable function is more soft, fasten fastness and tearing resistance than ordinary waterproof and permeable fabric. Crack and so on many advantages.
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