Sponge TPU composite fabric

Composite process of sponge TPU composite fabric
There are two kinds of composite process of sponge TPU composite fabric: oil rubber composite and flame composite.
TPU sponge composite fabric is composite sponge to TPU membrane, can also direct the fabric + sponge + composite fabric, knitted fabric can also be sponge + + fleece composite finished fabrics, woven fabrics and knitted composite + sponge + cloth. It can also be knitted fabric, +TPU+ sponge compound, woven fabric, +TPU+ sponge compound, in short, the composite method is varied.
Flame composite (flame is processing, deep processing of fabrics produced after the flame is to rely on two kinds of fabric in the middle of the sponge after melting viscosity of two kinds of fabrics are bonded together.) The flame compounded fabric feels softer than the fabric compounded with oil.
Oil glue compound (oil glue compound, also called glue compound, is one kind of compound. Generally speaking, relative flame recombination is concerned. It differs from flame in that it is not a sponge between the cloth and the base cloth, but the glue. Although the cost is low, it is hard to handle.


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